Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tasminstajjaney-bhedabhavat. (Narad Bhakti Darshan)
In some places in the scriptures, God has even regarded His devotee Saint as greater than Him. How astonishing
Nirapeksham munim shantam… (Bhagwatam, 11/14/16)
Shri Krishna said to Uddhava, “When My Saints walk on the earth, I secretly walk behind them.” Uddhava wondered, “Why do You secretly follow them? It must be to protect them.” Shri Krishna said, “No, Uddhava, anubrajamyaham nityam puyeya, I do this so their footdust may fall on Me and purify Me. That is how loving My Saints are to Me.”
After God realisation, God bestows all His powers on the bhakta Saint. For this reason, the Saint’s actions also become divine. In other words, God Himself performs the Saint’s actions; the Saint from his side does nothing. Has a soul attained God realisation? If so, now he does nothing. And why should he do anything? He has attained everything.