Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rules for doing devotion...............
1. Remember the form of God (Roop Dhyan) while singing the glories of God
2. Apart from the Sankirtan in your free time, chant Radhey with every breath.
3. Realizing the Grace of God and Guru, be grateful to them all the time and try to shed tears.
4. Think of yourselves as the most powerless person and treat the other devotees with extreme respect.
5. Think of God and Guru positively.
6. Do your devotion with a feeling that God and Guru are one.
7. Feel that God and Guru are monitoring and protecting you all the time.
8. Spend every moment in remembrance of God.
9. Never make a desire for liberation. Cry and beg Radha Rani and Shri Krishn for their selfless love only.
10. Do not show ecstasy.
11. Avoid criticizing or complaining about others.