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If you truly believe that God is Omniscient and knows better than you what you need, then why do you ask Him for anything? Practice of devotion involves replacing desires for the world with desires for God. There is no happiness or misery in the material world. It is our assumption that causes us to experience happiness or misery in the world.

A devotee should understand that everyone in the material realm is under the influence of the three modes of maya - sattva, rajas and tamas. As the predominating guna changes, people's ideas and behaviors change too. Under these circumstances how can we expect perfect conduct from them?

It is important to understand the fact that nobody can understand Krishna by his own material intellect. When you receive His Grace, only then with that Divine intellect you can understand Him.

One should not harbour resentment even towards someone who is actually condemnable, because Shri Krishn resides even in his heart.

तोहिं पतित जनन ही प्यारे हैं,
हम अगनित पापन वारे हैं!
पुनि कत कर एतिक बेरी, न भुक्ति नाहीं मुक्ति मांगूँ मैं!
नित सेवा मांगूँ श्यामा श्याम तेरी, न भुक्ति नाहीं मुक्ति मांगूँ मैं!
बढ़ें भक्ति निष्काम नित मेरी, न भुक्ति नाहीं मुक्ति मांगूँ मैं!

जगद्गुरुत्तम प्रभु श्रीकृपालुजी महाराज की जय.............

नाम पतित पावन सुनि, निर्भय हवे किय पाप।
यामें दोष बताउ मम, दोषी तो हैं आप।।

हे श्रीकृष्ण! मैंने आपका पतितपावन नाम सुनकर ही निर्भयता पूर्वक दिन रात धुआँदार, बिना सोचे विचारे ही पाप किए। किन्तु इसमे मेरा क्या दोष है? दोष तो आपके 'पतित पावन' नाम का है।
------श्री कृपालुजी महाप्रभु।

वे हमारी रक्षा करते हैं, वे हमारी रक्षा कर रहे हैं, वे आगे भी हमारी रक्षा करेंगे, इस पर विश्वास कर लो।
------श्री कृपालु भगवान।

In this world, there are few fortunate ones, who move towards God. Amongst them, only a few are fortunate enough to get the association of a genuine Saint. Amongst them too, there are a few who are fortunate enough to get the Divine knowledge. Nevertheless, there is one flaw, which does not let them progress. It is their habit of procrastination. When it comes to worldly activities, we do these im
mediately. We never defer activities like attaching our minds somewhere, or showing aversion somewhere, or insulting someone, or causing damage to someone. We do these instantly. But we always postpone God related activities. Vedas say – "Don’t leave anything for tomorrow. Who knows, tomorrow may not come in your life". So, do not procrastinate even for a moment. Start practicing devotion right from this moment...
.............Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj.


COUNTLESS SALUTATIONS TO THE SADGURUDEV,Engrossed completely in the bliss of love,gurudev appears to be the embodiment of shri krishna's divine nectar of love.gurudev is the greatest 'rasik' who provides the bliss of love even to the fallen.he himself gets deep into the nectar of bliss and also drowns into that his sheltered disciples as well.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shri Maharaj Ji says:

It is not impossible to attain God. One has to have firm determination. Penny by penny a man becomes a millionaire. Bit by bit, a man acquires great knowledge. If he is determined, a human can attain God by utilizing each and every moment wisely. Why are you bent on wasting this precious human life?

You have one enemy, and it's not your body or your senses or your soul. Your one and only enemy is the mind, which you must govern and take towards God. You must not allow it to dictate you. If you do what your mind tells you to do, you will continue to revolve in 8.4 million forms of life for innumerable lives.

Life doesn't always work the way you want it to. Accept it as it comes instead of getting angry and disturbed. Think if the Lord is happy to see me in this condition then I should be happy.

You realize yourself to be this body. This realization will lead to pain and suffering if you fall sick, get disabled or encounter death. Realize that you are NOT this body. You are the soul and the soul is eternal. The world is meant to keep the body going. However, the real happiness of the Atma (soul) is in Paramatma (God).

At the time of death, all relatives of this body are left behind. But God always stays with the soul. In whichever form of life the soul goes, to whichever place the soul goes, God stays with the soul. And God is a friend too. He is sentient and so is the soul.

गुरु का एक ही अर्थ है, जो तुम्हारी नींद तोड़ दे। और नींद का टूटना हमेशा दु:खद है। जो भी तुम्हारी नींद तोड़ेगा, उसपर तुम नाराज़ होओगे, क्योंकि वह तुम्हें बेचैनी में डाल रहा है। इसलिए गुरु शुरु में तो कष्टदायी मालूम पड़ता है, दु:खदायी मालूम पड़ता है, परंतु बाद में परम सुखदायी है।

Is Maya our friend or foe?

We hear that is it is because of Maya that we are turned away from God and until we are under the influence of Maya, we won't be able to see God. We cannot be totally free from Lust, Greed and Anger until we are under the influence of Maya. Hearing all this it does seem like Maya is our enemy. But, at the same time Maya is one of God's powers and is lifeless. It is God's servant. Then, how is it that God's power or God's servant is keeping us away from God? This does not sound right.

Yes, Absolutely right. How can God's power keep us away from God. There are 2 ways that we are being driven towards God. One, God sends his Saints to appear on earth as a human who give us true knowledge on How to attain God by lovingly explaining us the philosophy. But, if we were very content in the world, Who would listen to Saints. We would just drive them away. We would tell them- 'Hey Listen to my belief, I believe that God has been...
made up by some people's imagination. Do you have any proof that God's exist. Now, God has not given them permission to give them divine vision until they surrender. So, poor Saints even though they are trying to benefit the soul, they would have to return to their ashram in vain. That is way, God has his second helper, Maya which thrashes us left and right in the world. It is like a mother who slaps hier misbehaving child. Even though we are so troubled in the world, we are still not looking towards God completely. Imagine, what would be our state is we were not troubled. We would forget God completely. Maya is reminding us that go towards God, and if we don't it thrashes us in the world so that we turn towards God. When a person is very troubled, he always looks towards God. When he realizes that all his family and friends in the world are extremel selfish, he remembers God. When he becomes very poor, he looks towards God.

Kunti had once said:

'Sukh Ke Mathe Sil Pade, Jo Hari Ko De Bhulaya'

'Balihari Va Dukh Ke, Jo Pal Pal Naam Rataye'

May I not never get any Happiness if it makes me forget God.

Blessed be that Sorrow, that makes me chant God's name every moment.

So, Maya is that mother who slaps her child or teacher who scolds her student if they are not on the right path. Once the soul surrenders to God, Maya happily leaves that soul alone forever.

An advanced devotee who shed tears for God and his heart has intense longing for God and who burns in the fire of seperation, is lovingly blaming God for burning his heart and making his eyes shed tears in a loving shayari:

Mere Dil Mein Rehta Hai, To Phir Kyon Jalaata Hai?
Aray Dushman Akal Ke, Apna Bhi Koi Ghar Jalaata Hai?
You live in my heart, then why are you burning it in the fire of seperation?
Are you crazy? Does anyone burn their own house?

Meri Aakhon Mein Rehta Hai, To Phir Kyon Rulaata Hai?
Aray dushman Akal Ke, Apna Bhi Koi Ghar Dubaata Hai?

You live in my eyes, then why are you making me cry?
Are your crazy? Does anyone drown their own house?

Shri Maharaj Ji instructed in one of His lectures, pray:

O Krishna! If you Grace your devotees only due to their humility which I do not have any, then please first Grace me with humility.

Shri Maharaj Ji says..Say this and shed tears. You will have to do this. Human body is momentary. You never know when you will get your ticket.