Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The human mind and the world, both are the creations of maya. This is the reason that the worldly things and worldly attachments are always pleasing and appealing to the mind. The mayic energy is extremely potent. Without the Grace of Krishn its effects on the mind can never be reduced or removed, and that Grace (according to the Gita) is received by selflessly surrendering to Krishn.

There are sev
eral ways and styles of doing spiritual practice, e.g. doing good karmas, studying vedant, doing yog or austerities etc. But, all of them, without the true loving devotion (bhakti) to God, are in vain like a body without a soul. So, a person should do his devotions with true longing for God under the guidance of a Divine personality and fully purify his heart. Then, with the Grace of his Divine Spiritual Master he will receive God realization. If his Spiritual Master is a true rasik Saint only then he will receive the true Divine love of Krishn. ------JAGADGURU SHRI KRIPALUJI MAHARAJ.