Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nature of the Mind

The mind continually generates thoughts regarding the world, because it desires people and objects of the world. Desire is the most damaging disease that afflicts the mind. Anger and greed are born of desire. If a desire is fulfilled, it leads to greed. If unfulfilled, it leads to anger. Why does the mind desire the world? Because of attachment. Why does the mind get attached any...where in the world? Because of continually thinking the world to be a source of happiness.

Why do we constantly look for happiness? Because being part and parcel of God, it is our natural desire to find happiness, which is another name for God.

Is there happiness in the world? No. If there were,

all would be happy with every person and object of the world

all would be happy at all times, and

all would be happy in the same limit.

Using these three criteria as the measuring stick, we come to the conclusion that real happiness cannot be found in any worldly individual or object. Constant reflection on this brings about detachment from the world. What more needs to be done?