Sunday, August 3, 2014

सखन इक, पाती लिखी बनाय |
प्राण-सखे! यह कौन रीति तव? पातिहुँ नाहिं पठाय |
केहि पराध कन्हैया! हम कहँ, दिये हाय! बिसराय |
तुम तो सखा-सनातन हम कहँ, कहत रहे उर लाय |
बिनु तुम असन वसन भूषन अरु, गोचारन न सुहाय |
मन कह पकरि कान लै आवूँ, बुधि कह मथुरा राय |
कह ‘कृपालु’ हौं चह नहिं पाती, जात प्रान अब आय ||

After Shyamsundar’s going away to Mathura, His cowherd friends write a combined letter to Him, which reads as follows –
Oh beloved friend! You are dearer to us than even our life. What mode of friendship have You followed in not sending even a letter to us? Oh Kanhaiya! What offence of ours has made You forget us altogether? You used to address us as Your eternal friends embracing us to Your heart, then why are You forsaking us in this very life? Food, clothes, ornaments and herding the cows – everything has lost charm for us without You. Prompted by our past right on You, we are often tempted to bring You back holding You by ear, but then, our intellect says, ‘Don’t you know, He has become the king of Mathura now?’ Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji says that the cowherd boys conclude their letter with the words, “Oh friend! We don’t want You to respond to our letter with a letter. We are about to die, hence we want to see You in person.”