Friday, May 2, 2014

बलि श्री गुरुदेव कृपाल की |
जिनके दिव्य वचन सुनि छूटत, ग्रन्थि अविद्या-जाल की |
जिनके वरद हस्त के सन्मुख, चल न चाल कलिकाल की |
जिनके बनत बिगारि सकत नहिं, माया शक्ति गोपाल की |
जिनके युगल चरण परसत मन, पावत रति नंदलाल की |
लखत 'कृपालु' अनुग्रह गुरु के, लीला लाड़लि-लाल की ||
A devotee feeling deep respect and gratitude for his Spiritual Master says, “I offer everything to my gracious Guru. By listening to his divine teachings, the knot of one’s Mayic ignorance is cut asunder. After being blessed with his grace, one is not affected in the least by the influence of Kaliyuga (the age of darkness). After becoming his servant, one remains absolutely safe from God’s unconquerable power, Maya. By merely touching his lotus-feet with devotion, one is blessed with the love of Shri Krishna.” Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says in the words of a devotee, “Through the grace of my Guru, I am able to drink the nectar of the ever-new divine leelas of Shri Radha-Krishna.”