Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If anyone were to again question why the actions of God are beyond our comprehension, then the precise answer is that He is all-knowing and we are ignorant. He is divine and we are material. He is unlimited and we are limited. He is all-powerful and we have very limited powers. He is the inspirer and we are inspired by Him. He is the illuminator and we are the illumined. He is the governor of maya and we are governed by maya. The implication is that God and His actions are totally beyond the comprehension of our material, defective and limited senses, mind and intellect. In the same way, the actions of Saints, who are united with God, are also beyond our comprehension. But at least we can understand the point that though they may be beyond our comprehension, all their actions are divine and solely performed for the welfare of others.
-------jagadguru shri kripalu ji maharaj.