Saturday, August 24, 2013

He who awakens you is the guru. You make every attempt to run away from the Guru because you feel comfortable in this sleep of ignorance and because awakening seems painful. On being woken up you rain abuses on the person who roused you. Sleep has become a habit with you. Someone has distributed the beautiful dreams that you were enjoying. Everything has become strange now. Now you shall have to get rid of all the old baggage. You shall have to start a new. But never forget that the guru is the only well- wisher that you have. Only the guru works ceaselessly for your welfare without an iota of self interest.
Sadguru is the embodiment of the immortal. In spite of your repeated treachery He makes repeated attempts to arouse you from your slumber of ignorance. You kept on telling Him, “Alright, I shall get up now.” But even after saying this you go back to your state of slumber. Your own effort alone will not suffice to break this sleep.