Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Divine bliss is unlimited, ever-increasing and eternal."

"The mind alone is the cause of your bondage in or liberation from Maya."

"Shri Krishna's grace could be attained only by completely surrendering to Him."

"The mind alone has to be surrendered to Shri Krishn and engaged in devotional practices such as listening to lectures, chanting, and so on."

"If you wish to become a true devotee, see Shri Krishna in each and every living being."

"Don't procrastinate starting spiritual practice; the human body is temporary and destructible."

"God is ready to do anything and everything for a truly surrendered devotee."

"To attain God's grace, you must purify the heart. This is possible only with the help and guidance of a genuine Guru."

"Do not insult or offend anyone. Do not hurt anyone through harsh words or behavior."

"It is the greatest sin to hurt anyone through your words or actions."

"Constanly develop your feelings of tolerance, submissiveness and humility."

"The moment a person says God's name with full faith that God and His name are one, he will immediately attain God."

"God and Saints are incapable of doing anything apart from bestowing divine grace."

"Just as a valuable diamond is recognized only by an expert, only a few people recognize the true Guru."

"Karma yoga is the loving attachment of your mind to God and Guru while physically fulfilling your duties and responsibilities in the world."

""If you truly believed that God is with every soul and is all-knowing, and that He knows what you need, then you wouldn't ask Him for anything.""

"Always feel the presence of God and Guru with you as your Protectors."

"Always remember your impending time of death. No one knows if he will live to see the next moment or not. Who knows if he will live to see tomorrow?"