Monday, July 8, 2013

(The Best Remedy Against Sadness)
JUST THINK, you got this human body, you were born in India, you got an association of a saint who gave you the spiritual knowledge. Now consider how many of the WORLD POPULATION are blessed with this Fortune which you have got? How Many Of Them, in Thousands Or Lakhs Are There Who Have Received The Grace Of God As You Have? Surely you will realize that there are very few. Ponder over it again and again how great God’s grace on you is! If even a second before you die you are able to realize that you are so lucky to have received God’s grace in various forms, and that you have got the love and affection of a Saint who has always benefited you with his grace, then you will CURSE yourself if still despair has any place in your LIFE …………………….!!!!!!!!!
- Maharajji