Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We all devotees of Shree Maharaj ji always experience one thing that, our life was just meaningless before meeting Maharaj ji. We didn't even know the purpose of our lives. Always wandering here and there just for the satisfaction of immortal desire for happiness. We had made innumerable relationships Mother, Father, Sister, Brother etc. but none could satisfy.
Life was just stationary before Maharaj ji. Heart was just dead. Mind was tired of this world.
But after getting Maharaj ji, the seed of divine love is spurting in our hearts. This we all realize. But we must think, that we are all his souls, his children, his parts. That is why, in 7 billion people only few get this rare opportunity to be in his association. Isn't this is grace. Only by his grace we are at this stage. Always loving us. keep on gracing us every time. We have uncountable sins in backlog, lots of sinful activities on our account but in spite of our shortcomings, Maharaj ji always grace us. With even fraction of time devoted in his remembrance, he grace us with so much love.
He really loves us very much. Care for us. He is our real relative, real friend, real mother father everything. He is our true companion. We must listen to him. We must follow him. We must cry out loud and call him. He is doing so much for us. So much so much. So much for our welfare. He knows what is best for us, what is harmful for us. We must surrender ourselves to his lotus feet.

Radhey- Radhey.