Sunday, May 15, 2016

The most common mistake you people do, is procrastinating in listening to discourses. Once listened, you think now I know everything. After some days, you are again back in the world.
You must bear in your mind that, the secret of detachment from this world, is continuing listening of discourses and Naam sankirtan. Keep listening to lectures again and again. Don’t think that, any lecture is already heard or boring. Every lecture is divine, but it depends on your inner state that, how much you get the benefit. Sometime, same lecture seems to be very fascinating and after some days, it seems to be very bore. What it means?
It means your inner state has changed now. But never be disheartened. Keep moving. Your hearts are very impure. Keep cleaning with divine satsang, and eventually when heart gets 100% purified, Guru will bestow his grace and you will be satisfied forever.