Saturday, May 16, 2015

Radha Rani - one who is worshipped by the Supreme Soul:
Radha Rani is the Divine Governess, Mother and Friend. She incarnates Herself as the Daughter of Mother Keerti and King Bhanu in the village of Barsana. Hence, devotees often address Her as Bhanudulari (daughter of King Bhanu) and Keertikumari (daughter of Keerti). Also known as Shyama, the Princess of Barsana is the ocean of beauty, love and grace.
The face of Kishori Ji (ever-youthful Radha) is like the full moon whose cooling light soothes the hearts of devotees. Her hair is long, luxurious, black and silky; Her eyes, intoxicatingly beautiful. She covers Her golden body with garments, which are the same blue colour as Her Beloved Krishna.
Radha, the bliss-imparting power of Shri Krishna, teaches the lesson of love. No one loves or pleases Krishna like She does. Supremely selfless in Her devotion to Him, She gives no thought to Her own happiness, but only to His. To serve Him is the aim of Her existence and to please Him, Her joy.
So loving and merciful is Radha that She renounces even her Beloved Krishna to rescue the devotee who cries out to Her in desperation.
Rasik saints tell us that even Lord Krishna begs Her for grace, washing Her lotus feet with tears. The name of Radha attracts Him so much that He goes running to the devotee who chants Radhe Radhe. Thus, Radha is not only worshipped by individual souls, but also by the Supreme Soul.
------Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
Excerpted from His Discourse "Bhagvat Kripa" (God's Grace and Mercy)