Friday, February 27, 2015


All of you are very dear to Shri Maharajji.
you are blessed with the divine grace of Shri Maharajji.
Shri Maharaji worked very hard with us,and now we have to see that all his cherished dreams become fully realised.Let us pledge that we will vehemently follow his teaching and example by spending every moment of our life in the loving remembrance of God and Guru. While dedicating our lives in devotional service to our guru,we must further complete those projects he launched.
Shri Maharajji is already with us and will continue to be so forever.Guru takes care of the welfare of those who have surrendered to him.we should continue to strengthen our faith in his boundless benevolence and continue to listen to his Divine words again and again.

...........H.H. VISHAKHA TRIPATHI(Badi DiDi).