Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do not procrastinate
As a human, you must keep one thing in mind. What is that? There is no guarantee that you will live to see the next moment. Do not ever think - I am only ten years of age; I am only twenty; I am only forty; I am only fifty years of age. Do not think this. You are seeing for yourself what is happening in life. A child is born; he lets out a cry, and he dies. Or, he does not even get the opportunity to be born; he dies within the mother's womb. He is stillborn. You also see sometimes that a young man has just graduated from university. His parents are celebrating; they are being congratulated; sweets are being distributed, and the young man gets involved in an accident and dies on the way home. You are witnessing all this every single day.
Therefore, you must think of your own demise. The biggest surprise is that we do not think of our own death. We are careless. We see billionaires, prime-ministers and presidents dying of heart-attacks. We see that death does not spare anyone, whether it is a king, a pauper or a saint. Everyone must leave the world one day. When will that day come? No one knows. Therefore, you should not procrastinate.