Saturday, June 8, 2013

Whether you gently touch a piece of iron to a touchstone, or you angrily
strike the two against each other, the iron will definitely be transformed
into gold. If you eat rasgulla (an Indian sweet) out of desire, it will be
sweet; and if you forcibly put it in your mouth, it will still be sweet.
Similarly, whether poison is consumed knowingly, it will cause death; and
if someone makes you drink it without your knowledge, it will still have
the same effect. The holy river Ganga purifies even the water you spit
into Ganga, which becomes a part of the holy Ganga
Similarly, whether you have feelings of love or feelings of hatred, in both
cases the result will be the same-the mind will get absorbed in the world
and become worldly. Since eternity we have had these feelings of love
and hatred in the world. We have to make ourselves free from these two
feelings, and also keep a watch on ourselves to not be afflicted in the