Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Guru is my Krishna. Both are in fact the same.

God's grace helps us meet the true Guru. And by the grace of this true Guru, we are able to meet God.

God, my Krishna is my life. My Guru is as precious to me as my life.

The one Who is my Guru is actually God Himself. Do not think of them to be different at any time, even by mistake.

God resides inside my Guru and my Guru resides inside my God.

While God says that Guru's position is higher for me, my Guru emphasizes that the almighty God is more important.

In order to make us His own, God needs our mind to be absolutely clean. Guru on the other hand cleans our mind to make it worthy of God.

The Vedas say that in order to realize God, either do your devotion towards both God and Guru or just do your devotion towards Guru. In either way, you will attain your goal.