Monday, January 14, 2013

आया है जगद्गुरु दिन मन भाया, नव उल्लास चतुर्दिग छाया।
मन गर्वित हो कर हुलसाया, मम सद्गुरु सा न कोई जग जाया॥

चारु समन्वय सुनि सब दर्शन, स्तुति किय लिख दिव्य गुन।
जगद्गुरुत्तम दै पद अनुपम, अभिनन्दन करि भाग्य मनाया॥

The auspicious anniversary of conferring the exclusive title of Jagadguru has come again. All surroundings have become joyful in memory of that day. We are very proud of our extraordinary master, who is the most competent of all present on this earth.

The scholars heard outstanding reconciliation of all schools of philosophy by Shri Maharaj Ji. They admired Him in a poetic tribute, which narrated His divine qualities and attributes. They conferred upon Him the title of JAGADGURUTTAM (best of all Jagadgurus) and considered themselves most fortunate for having the opportunity to honor Him.